TGI Solar Power Group Inc.

altyernative energy, project management

& Business Consulting

We offer a wealth of cross-cultural experiences and backgrounds. We understand your business and cultural challenges in different countries and regions. Our diversity, proven expertise, and long client relationships give us a comprehensive understanding of your situation to provide easily implementable solutions



As a result of today’s rapidly changing and challenging business environment, the pressure to achieve a competitive advantage has become far stronger. A winning strategy is the first step. It is the starting point and fertile soil for any future decision. It provides the framework to plan all steps and actions to outperform competition, captivate customers, and increase long-term shareholder value. It imparts vision, inspiration and a clear direction. It strongly incorporates out of the box thinking and a continuous evaluation of the strategy, business and customer interaction models, and portfolio which are embedded in solid business and implementation plans.

Working with us, our clients can expect: advanced, value-driven, grounded and pragmatic customized solutions with an emphasis on knowledge creation and transfer that enable them to better manage their challenges and achieve the goals, increasing power, competence and energy that result in brilliant sustainable business results.